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The residential real estate industry is an exciting place to be right now.

I started selling homes over twenty-five years ago after a brief stint as an attorney. The tools and daily work of a real estate agent now don’t look at all like they did then, but the fundamentals have not changed, and I don’t expect they will. Relationships come first. Location matters. Local intelligence still trumps artificial intelligence when it’s time to advise a client on a critical decision that will affect how they experience life every day.

I still love the feeling of handing the keys to a happy client and watching them walk in the door. I enjoy introducing my clients to our community and connecting them with people and places that will be part of their daily lives: doctors, dentists, coffee shops, restaurants, schools.

I embrace the change and innovation that is the engine of our Silicon Valley. My team will tell you that I am a chronic early adopter of new technologies and new ways of thinking; always looking for tools that make me smarter, faster, better. The most valuable innovations are the ones that enhance my relationships with my clients and the work I do with them, not the technologies that get in the way of that relationship.

I get asked about my experience and perspective on the industry by journalists across the country, trying to understand Silicon Valley in particular, and the real estate industry in general. I believe that there is a polarization in real estate brokerages today, with increasingly automated, discount, efficiency-focused companies on one side, and high-touch, relationship-driven companies on the other. I don’t think anyone stuck in the middle will survive.


Because of my belief in the power of relationships, and because my clients think globally, I aligned my company with Sotheby’s International Realty, one of the truly great brands in residential real estate. My clients and I have benefited from the doors that open because of that venerable association, and from collaboration with the best agents from around the world.

I work doing what I love, introducing great people to amazing homes in the communities I love. I believe strongly in investing in the community and the organizations that make it better (ask me about glass pumpkins, garden tours, local schools, and curing dementia).

If you want to know the ins and outs of the neighborhoods in Palo Alto, or how things work in the above $10 million market in Silicon Valley and around the world, or where I think the real estate industry is heading, let’s talk.


Education & Training

• University of California, Los Angeles, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, 1984
• Hastings College of the Law Juris Doctor, 1987



• Co-Chair, Silicon Valley Association of Realtor’s, Palo Alto District Council, 2018, 2017
• Certified Global China Advisor, Sotheby’s International Realty
• Member, California Bar Association


• America’s Top 250 Agent, Wall Street Journal/Real Trends, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014
• #1 Sales Agent, Golden Gate Sotheby’s International Realty
• Industry thought leader, interviewed on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, ABC News and Fortune/CNN/Money

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“Mike’s terrific. He has such a tremendous knowledge of the market. He can quickly tune in to what you’re looking for and be very effective in helping you get what you want, while being very realistic in a challenging market.” “I thought Dreyfus’ team approach was amazingly good. Noelle was absolutely all over our account. Anything we needed, she was super responsive. With Mike, we got a very seasoned broker and the full benefit of his experience when it mattered.” 

“The level of support and accessibility we had in buying our first home for our kids was especially important to my wife. She really appreciated the way that Mike and Noelle teamed and were very available for her through the bidding process and the closing process, and they continue to be helpful afterwards. In negotiating, Mike was brilliant. He saved us money and he de-risked our offer by playing it smart. Mike is masterful at this stuff.” 

“We beat our expectations. We got a better house and a better community than we thought we could get. And we got it faster than we thought it would ultimately take. I was very pleased. I would absolutely recommend working with Mike and Noelle in a heartbeat.” 

- Christian Bennett

“He’s much more strategic in the home search process. Once we figured out where we were going, Mike set a target for all available listings. His system is really great because you see real-time what the homes list for and close for, so you can see real-time what the market is doing.” 

- Matt Weathers and Jennifer Cheng

“Michael was very realistic in talking about our property. He seemed very genuine. I said to him, ‘I know you’re not a fortuneteller, but can you tell me what the expectation is about when we sell the house?’ He said, ‘My guess is within sixty days.’ We got the offer on the sixtieth day. My perception before I started working with Michael was he’s a straight shooter. After working with him, that didn’t change a bit. He doesn’t sugarcoat things, nor does he promise more than he can deliver. He’s up front with you; he discusses options. And he delivers on things he does say.

Initially, we had a staging company we weren’t really happy with. Michael took the initiative to replace them at his own cost. That made a difference in presenting the house in a better light. With Michael, you get a guy who markets your property with best practices available in the market. You know your house will be marketed brilliantly. Even better, you get somebody who’s very competent. You can count on him. I really appreciate what Michael does. He’s straightforward. You can trust him.” 

- Abtin Assadi

“I would say to my friends who want to sell their house, ‘Mike is going to get your family. He’s going to understand what it means to sell your home, with all of its history. Even if it’s 100 years old, he’s going to market it in a very contemporary ways with high-tech, using all sorts of multimedia. Mike will present it as a home not just facts about roads and schools, but what it would really be like to live there.” 

- Judy Stone

“Had Michael not been as persistent as he was, we probably would not have gotten this house.” 

- Paul and Cheryl Sallomi

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